Failed to run unattended because there is no mandatory deployment.

I am currently working on adding a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon laptop to our OSD task sequence.  While the specific steps I took to add the drivers and WMI query will be added to a separate post, I had problems trying to apply a task sequence after booting with a USB drive.

As you may know, the X1 Carbon is an “Ultrabook” and lacks an ethernet port, which makes it a little hard to PXE boot.  Instead, we have a ThinkPad USB 3.0 Dock which connects to the laptop via USB 3.0 and uses ethernet over USB to connect to our domain network.  However, because the dock is not recognized during POST, the laptop is unable to “see” a network and therefore does not present the PXE boot option.

As a workaround, I have opted to create a Bootable Task Sequence Media USB flash drive which includes all the dock drivers it needs in the boot image, in order to recognize network and mass storage drives.  Anyway, the problem I was experiencing was that the laptop would boot from the USB drive into WinPE and then when clicking on “Next” at the main screen would not display the next screen which would have had a list of all deployed task sequences to apply.

After checking the TS log under C:\SMSTSLog\smsts.log, I found the following error message:

Failed to run unattended because there is no mandatory deployment.

After double checking my work, I found the problem was that I had enabled my Task Sequence Media for unattended installs and I had not deployed my task sequence as a mandatory deployment.  To fix this issue, I recreated the task sequence media but unchecked the following box:

Task Sequence Media

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