How to manually install SCCM 2012 client with PSEXEC.EXE remotely.

Obviously the preferred client installation method is either via an automatic client push or manually pushing out the client using the SCCM Administration Console:

Install Client

However, this method sometimes doesn’t work either because of permissions issues or WMI corruption.  Of course, you want to fix the underlying problem that is causing a manual client push not to work.

For those of you interested in an alternative way to install the client, you can use the excellent PSEXEC.EXE command-line tool from Mark Russinovich Sysinternals Suite:

PSEXEC.EXEPSEXEC.EXE command window with server names blurred.

psexec.exe \\RemoteComputer -s -d \\SCCMServer\SMS_SiteCode\Client\ccmsetup.exe /logon SMSSITECODE=ABC /MP:MPServer.domain.local

In the above example, PSEXEC.EXE initiates a remote connection to “\\RemoteComputer” using the System Account (/S) and then passes the command and terminates immediately (/D).

For a list of PSEXEC.EXE switches go to

For a list of CCMSETUP.EXE switches go to


  • Thank you for sharing this information, it has been useful to me in getting the SCCM client out to my systems

  • William

    Is the SMSSITECODE=ABC /MP:MPServer.domain.local all the same server. For example smssitecode CAS MP:blablabla_server

    • Hi William, thanks for reading. The CCMHOSTNAME value is equal to the public facing hostname you have specified for your Internet Management Point in your Public DNS zone. For example, let’s say your internal MP server is (I know non-public routable UPN is no longer best practice, but bear with me) and you point in your Public DNS to the external IP of Then your connection string would be SMSSITECODE=CAS / In this case, the /MP is pointing CCMSetup.exe to to download the Client.msi file and also setting the Internet MP to I hope this clears things up.

  • William

    Is SMSITECODE, MP and CCMHOSTNAME all the same site???

  • Karthikeyan.L

    i’m getting access denied error “PsExec could not start, Access is denied.”
    i can able to connect remote pc via net use x:\\XXX\admin$
    any solution ?

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