Support all Dell desktop and laptop drivers in your OS deployment!

Dell maintains an active online community of professionals on their TechCenter wiki.  To make SCCM driver management easier, Dell Support has released several CAB files with all supported drivers for a particular Dell model.

However, the community on the TechCenter wiki took this approach further – they released a driver pack zip file with all related drivers for a particular chassis type!  In other words, we can now choose to download one driver pack for all laptops or another driver pack for all desktops!

Head on to and scroll all the way to bottom of the page to where it reads “Combo CAB Availability” pick your device and download away!

When integrating this driver pack for Dell desktop models for example, you should use an “Any If” statement with the following WMI queries to scope out the driver pack for both Dell desktop families: Optiplex and Precision workstations.

12-9-2013 3-14-57 PM

select * from Win32_ComputerSystem where Model like 'Optiplex %'
select * from Win32_ComputerSystem where Model like 'Precision [^M]%'

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